Long Island, NY

The Journey to Long Island began at 3 in the morning. We lugged our baggage to Union Station, DC to make our Amtrak to Penn Station, NY. Surprisingly the train ride was quite comfortable and the Aussies made it to New York in no time. Accompanying me on the journey to Long Island was two fellow Australian nursing students, Carla and Mikayla whom I met through a study abroad program in DC before beginning my travels around the USA. We began our time in Long Island by visiting Long Beach, walking down the board walk. (The image featured on this post is the Long Beach boardwalk during the day).It was a beautiful day to enjoy with friends and we even went back to the boardwalk the next night to watch the amazing sunrise on the horizon. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Sunsets at Long Beach, NY
Long Beach, NY – Sunset


Our next stop in Long Island was The Hamptons. It’s always been a dream of mine to go to here ever since watching the Gossip Girl episode where Blair Waldorf meets an English Duke. Although I didn’t find my Prince Charming at The Hamptons, I did get see to see some amazing houses on Dunes Road — a road were the best of the best houses in The Hamptons are located. These houses were huge and beautiful and these were just peoples summer houses so I can only imagine what their actual residence looks like. It was a beautiful day to tan and enjoy an American style BBQ with friends.

Throughout the stay on Long Island, we were blessed with incredible weather making the stay here even more pleasant. Taking a day trip into the city of New York, the Aussies went on 5th Avenue, Park Avenue and obviously Times Square which is the most touristy place in New York of all time! On 5th Avenue we walked into all the expensive shops such as Tiffany & Co and were frothing at the mouth at all the extravagant diamonds and engagement rings. We walked all over New York City, seeing the incredible architecture such as the Rockefeller Centre, The Plaza Hotel and Trump Tower.

Flags at the Rockefeller Centre
New York City, NY – Flags at the Rockefeller Centre

Whilst on Long Island, I celebrated my 20th Birthday adventuring to Coney Island for some fun! Accompanied by Carla, Mikayla and Katie — The coolest person in the world and better than everyone else (She forced me to type this in my blog, it may or may not be true). Coney Island was a blast, we went on the Amusement Rides, sipped on Granitas and sat by the beach. This was one of the most memorable Birthdays to date shared with a wonderful group of gal pals!

Walking through the Wonder Wheel
Coney Island, NY – Wonder Wheel

Today we had to say goodbye to fellow Aussie, Mikayla. It was an absolute blast getting to know this lovely lady and can’t wait to catch up with her when I return to Australia. She’s the first out of the our Aussie gals to go back to the Motherland, leaving myself and Carla behind, she will be greatly missed by the both of us.

Currently myself and Carla are on a 19 hour train ride to Chicago! Wish us luck surviving the long journey… Till next time!


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