Chicago, IL

Well the 19 hour train ride was definitely worth it. We arrived in Chicago early morning and the weather was beautiful with blue skies and a golden sun; the perfect weather to walk around and explore the city. Walking across the waterfront of Chicago, we made our way to the Adler Planetarium. The Planetarium was great fun and watching the documentaries they put on really makes you wonder what’s really out there and what we have still yet to learn about our universe. After the Planetarium, we took a water taxi through Lake Michigan which showed us impeccable views of the Chicago Skyline. Chicago’s nickname is the “Windy City” and after taking the water taxi, it definitely became clear why this nickname is apparent!

Chicago Waterfront .jpg
Chicago, IL – Waterfront

When travelling to Chicago, it is very very very (emphasis on the very) important that you try the Deep Dish pizza. Chicago is famous for it and its no wonder why — the pizza is absolutely incredible! Although with that amount of cheese you could give a small child a heart attack, considering your on holidays, you’ve got to try one. The best place to try one is at Giordano’s, its about an hour wait for a table on most nights but it’s extremely worthwhile.

Chicago Deep dish pizza.jpg
Chicago, IL – Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza 

Another highlight of the Chicago trip was going to a baseball match. We watched the 2016 MBL Champions, The Chicago Cubs verse the San Fransisco Giants. The Cubs went off to a dismal start scoring absolutely nothing in the first 7 innings, whilst the Giants racked up 6 runs. This disgrace of a score drove myself and Carla to drinking in the hopes that this could bring the Cubs back to glory. After an intense last two innings, the Cubs… well, they still lost. BUT, they did however manage to get 4 runs on the scoreboard before the game ended.

Wrigley Field
Chicago. IL – Wrigley Field 

Although our UBER got hit by a car on the way to the Airport, we managed to safely make our way to Portland with no lumps or bruises! Even though this was second time in Chicago in the last month or so, it’s definitely a place that I would love to go back to. It’s a beautiful city, and the baseball games are not one to miss! GO CUBS!


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