Portland, OR

Words cannot describe how beautiful this part of America is, but i’ll try to attempt to put its beauty into words. When we got off the plane at PDX, I instantly felt a wave of happiness over me. The people were friendly and the air felt clean and fresh, it almost felt like I was back home. We stayed at a little Chicken Cottage that gave off some countryside vibes, however we were only a 15-20 minute drive away from the city. That’s the best part about Portland, there’s a gorgeous city but it surrounded by forrest and pretty much untouched land. As well as the beautiful scenery, the food here was much healthier and fresher than any part of the US I have travelled to as of yet. Within the first minutes of stepping foot onto Portland, I could tell this would be a magical place.

Farmers Market, Portland, OR.jpg
Portland, OR – Farmers Market

Our first day, we went on a tour to see some of Portland’s surrounding waterfalls. The word beautiful is an understatement  when describing these falls. Standing at the bottom of them made me feel so happy and grateful to be able to witness mother nature in all her beauty. We went to many different water falls, but the main stand out was definitely Multnomah Falls (The image featured on this blog post is of Multnomah Falls). With a bridge standing at the halfway mark of this spectacular waterfall, you could feel the mist of the water against your face. Like everything in Portland, it felt fresh and even just breathing in Portland’s air, it made me feel as though I dropped a good 10 kilos that had been put on from eating nothing but processed foods for the past 5 months.

Another highlight of Portland was seeing the International Rose Test Garden. This was a garden created during WWI, as a safe haven where all species of Roses could survive just incase they got wiped out during the battles of war. Unfortunately, not all roses were in full bloom, but the ones we did get see were incredible. The Rose Garden had such a huge variety seeing as though these species grew in all corners of the world. My favourite type that we came across is the one pictured below.

Internation Rose Test Garden .jpg
Portland, OR – Internation Rose Test Garden

We also went to see the Portland Japanese Garden. The Garden had recently been redone and it was spectacular. There was so much zen radiating from the garden that it felt like we teleported to Japan. At the Garden, we drank traditional Japanese green tea and once again took in all the beauty that Portland has to offer.

Japanese Garden, Portland, OR.jpg
Portland, OR – Japanese Gardens 

A lot of my friends and family asked my why I chose to go to Portland on my trip. I couldn’t really give a reason other than ‘Why not?’. I’m glad I chose to visit Portland, it is by far my favourite stop on the map and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting or living in the US.


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