Seattle, WA

During our stay in Portland, We took a train up to the lovely city of Seattle. It was a beautiful day in there as we began walking our way up the waterfront boardwalk. Across the water, there were impeccable views of the mountains and further beyond. These views — especially on the top of the Seattle Ferris Wheel by the pier — made it seem like the mountains went on and on forever. Also by the pier were ferries going across to various Islands in the Washington area, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to see the Islands, however many people recommended to do this… So if you head to Seattle, plan a day out or even do a sunset trip around the islands.

Seattle Ferris Wheel.jpg
Seattle, WA – Admiring the view from the Seattle Wheel

During the middle of the day, we went to the Pike Place Market. It reminded me of the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia as there was a plethora of fresh veggies and food being sold, as well as random touristy things on display. One thing that stood out in fresh food section of the market was the fish throwing. The men working at these stations were throwing HUGE salmons all over the place, catching them with so much ease. If I tried to catch one, I’d most likely end up with a fish stuck to my face.


Our last stop in Seattle was, of course, to see the Space Needle. The needle stood at the Seattle centre, where there were many people sitting in the park admiring it’s interesting design. Near the Space Needle was a separate park designed by various artists. It was probably my favourite part about Seattle. I felt like a little child playing in the park, but it was also interesting to try and uncover artists hidden meanings within the play area.

Seattle Space Needle.jpg
Seattle, WA – Seattle Space Needle 

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