San Fransisco, CA

We arrived early in the morning after an 18 hour train ride. We were walking zombies after the ride, but we still managed to get out into the city of San Fransisco and enjoy Fisherman’s Wharf. As we were walking down the wharf, small Go Cars zoomed past us enjoying tours of the city, it looked like so much fun! We booked in a reservation for 1:30 and spent time in between wandering around waiting for an exciting adventure. We get up to sign the waiver… Waiver reads: You must 21 to drive these vehicles… Apparently the company just assumed we were 21 years of age, so unfortunately we couldn’t drive the go cars which was a real disappointment. Plus side, people think I look like a 21 year old. After that kerfuffle, we decided to do the San Fransisco Dungeon — Thank god you don’t have to be 21 to do that!! I honestly thought this was going to be so scary, I forced Carla to hold my hand so I wouldn’t be scared (What a whimp). Luckily, the Dungeon was more of a comedy show than scary, and it was really interesting to here about the crimes that occurred in San Fransisco such as Shanghaiing and a bit of the history of Alcatraz.

Isolated Alcatraz .jpg
San Fransisco, CA – Alcatraz in the distance 

We took a ferry ride across the San Fransisco bay. It was a beautiful day so we sat on the top deck and took in the sites of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as Alcatraz Island. The ferry was extremely cheap which was a blessing for us struggling tourists! It felt like a breath of fresh air going on the ferry after being cooped up in a train all of yesterday. Going on a ferry ride you have the chance to view the beauty of a city from afar, and San Fransisco is gorgeous. From the ferry, you can really take in all of her rolling hills and steep streets. It’s a wonderful site to see!

Golden Gate Bridge from Afar .jpg
San Fransisco Bay, CA – Ferrying across the Bay 

Up next on the adventure, is LA; We are hoping to see more of California’s beauty… and hoping for a bit of a tan… Speak soon!!


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