Los Angeles, CA

LA was an amazing getaway full of relaxation and even a bit of exercise which was great to get rid of the 500 pounds I’ve put on since being in the states. We began our trip in LA staying in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley. We found a wonderful place on Airbnb, with such an amazing host. Our host took suspension yoga classes and we decided to give it a go. Suspension yoga stretches and incorporates all the muscles of the body giving a full body workout, and after that hour and a half session, I was aching in places I didn’t even know I had muscles! Being suspended in the air whilst doing yoga poses made me feel so light and so in touch with my body. I can’t wait to find a studio back in Melbourne and continue developing further in this area.

LA - Suspension Yoga
Woodland Hills, CA – Suspension Yoga

Airbnb gave us another success when we booked a hike to the top of the Hollywood Sign. If you’re ever in LA, I would highly recommend doing this hike, it has some unreal views and with this hike, its the closest you can LEGALLY get to the sign. When looking on Airbnb, its an experience called ‘The Hollywood Sign Hike’ run by Jessie and Thomas. The hike in itself was pretty moderate, around 7km round trip with only a few uphill battles! It took us  90 minutes to get to the top and boy was the view incredible. On the Summit of Mount Lee, you can see the sign overlooking all of Hollywood. As well as taking us on the hike, the hosts had incredible knowledge of the Hollywood sign and the areas surrounding which made the hike much more interesting.

LA - Hiking to the Hollywood sign .jpg
Mount Lee Summit, CA – The Hollywood Sign 

Another favourite experience that we did in LA was rollerblading from the Santa Monica pier to Venice. The bike trail on the beach gives a great opportunity to appreciate the beach and exercise with ease at the same time. My favourite part of the journey was stopping at all the little stalls in Venice, except I didn’t actually know how to stop on rollerblades so I had to latch onto Carla in order not to fall all over the stalls. As much as tried to stay upright, I did take a tumble but thats all part of the experience and I didn’t mind at all being the laugh of the crowd that saw me fall over! We racked up a total of 12km rollerblading along the beaches and my legs were definitely feeling it by the end. Afterwards, we sat on the beach by the Santa Monica pier and watched the sunset. A beautiful way to end a full on day!

LA - Bike riding through Venice and Santa Monica
Santa Monica, CA – Traffic in the Bike lanes

I just want to give a huge shoutout to Carla, my travel partner for the past 3 weeks! Thanks for all the memories and a great trip full of laughter and joy. I hope you have a safe flight back to Australia, couldn’t have imagined travelling without you!


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