Nashville, TN

After nearly a month of being away from my crazy college friend Katie, we finally met up again in Nashville. Nashville is one of my favourite places; I have 3 reasons for this 1) The people in Nashville are extremely friendly 2)The food comes in huge sizings and 3)  The live music and the beer! The first night we arrived, we saw a sea of yellow all through the streets of downtown Nashville. We soon came to realise that it was the night of the Stanley Cup playoffs and Nashville’s team ‘The Predators” were in the playoffs. Everyone was in high spirits and from that moment forth, we knew our time in Nashville was going to be exciting! — Unfortunately Pittsburg won the Cup.. but still, GO PREDS!

Nashville - Honky Tonk Central .jpg
Nashville, TN – Live Music @ Honky Tonk Central

Pictured above is one of my favourite bars in Nashville, the vibe is great and the live music is even better. If travelling to Nashville, definitely try this place out. It has 3 levels, each with different live bands playing! However starts to get extremely packed around 5pm and even earlier on weekends, so if you want a quiet drink or two… get in early! Nashville is the heart and soul of country music and one of its nicknames is “Music City”. Whilst we were out and about downtown, we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. It was really interesting to discover pretty much everything there is to know about country music and there’s also some great interactive zones for example, recording your own version of a popular country music song!

Country Music Hall of Fame - Platinum and Gold Wall
Nashville, TN – Country Music Hall of Fame

Another highlight of the trip was doing a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry. It’s known as ‘The show that made Country Music Famous”, with many famous people standing on the Opry’s great stage and some even being lucky enough to become members. Interesting enough the show spent most of it’s time performing at The Ryman in Downtown Nashville, however it eventually got it’s own auditorium on Opryland stage. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll have seen the famous circle on the stage.. that’s actually wood from The Ryman auditorium so Country’s newest stars can stand where many of their idols once stood! Listening to that story was definitely the best part of the backstage tour, as well as having the chance to stand on that circle too.

Nashville - Grand Ole Opry .jpg
Nashville, TN – Grand Ole Opry

Although Katie and myself may have potentially lost a few brain cells at the crazy bars in Nashville, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime as I got to share my love of country music with a great friend who also appreciated Nashville and all it has to offer! Thanks for a great girls week Katie!


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