Delray Beach, FL

The plane ride from Nashville to Miami was intense to say the least. Fighting off a huge hangover from the crazy night before, my mantra was slow and steady wins the race. We took off just before the sun set so the views from the airplane window helped distract me from the pounding headache. Thankfully I had a spare seat next to me so for the next two hours, I took a little nap in order to look fresh to see my second family, The Borgs, at Delray Beach.

Delray Flight to 2nd Home .jpg
Up in the Air – Beautiful View

Arriving at the Borg’s was an instant relief! I’ve known them since I was 16 when myself and their daughter did an exchange in high school, so they are basically my second family. The first sleep at the Borg’s was the longest and most satisfying sleep as I finally allowed myself to catch up on all the late nights and travelling that I’ve done in the past 6 months.  I took the train out to Miami to catch up with the wonderful GG, we spent the day on Lincoln Rd shopping and even a little drinking! If you haven’t been to the Sugar Factory, it’s a must… They sell giant cocktail goblets and swimming in the delicious cocktails are all sorts of candies, it’s the best treat for an adult who’s still young at heart!

DB Miami GG
Miami, FL – Sugar Factory Cocktail Goblets 

One of my favourite things about visiting the Borg’s is their awesome car! Riding in it makes you like an absolute superstar. The car is a Buick that’s been in family since the 70’s, however Dean had it all tricked out and it looks absolutely stunning… every man and their dog stops to take a photo of it or talk to Dean about the awe of the cars mint condition. We drove down to Delray beach in the Buick one night and had some ice cream, staying with the Borg’s it was a though I was their adopted Australian daughter for the week! It was such a treat staying their and getting to see them again… Thank you so so much for yet again being such amazing and kind hosts to me on my travels! Also a big shout out to Lexi for taking me shopping and to our failed beach day…

Delray The Buick .jpg
Delray Beach, FL – The Buick

PS. This photo does not do the car justice, but she’s a real beauty! Currently I am waiting in the West Palm Beach airport for my next flight to see the greatest girl Katie… Here I come again New York… ‘Til next time.


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