Delray Beach, FL

The plane ride from Nashville to Miami was intense to say the least. Fighting off a huge hangover from the crazy night before, my mantra was slow and steady wins the race. We took off just before the sun set so the views from the airplane window helped distract me from the pounding headache. Thankfully […]

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Nashville, TN

After nearly a month of being away from my crazy college friend Katie, we finally met up again in Nashville. Nashville is one of my favourite places; I have 3 reasons for this 1) The people in Nashville are extremely friendly 2)The food comes in huge sizings and 3)  The live music and the beer! […]

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Los Angeles, CA

LA was an amazing getaway full of relaxation and even a bit of exercise which was great to get rid of the 500 pounds I’ve put on since being in the states. We began our trip in LA staying in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley. We found a wonderful place on Airbnb, with […]

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San Fransisco, CA

We arrived early in the morning after an 18 hour train ride. We were walking zombies after the ride, but we still managed to get out into the city of San Fransisco and enjoy Fisherman’s Wharf. As we were walking down the wharf, small Go Cars zoomed past us enjoying tours of the city, it […]

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